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This useful online tool is perfect for both newbies in trading and professionals, as trading calculator can make fast estimations. Here one can find out how to work with this tool making necessary estimations. In fact, the more analysis you perform the more professional your trade is going to be. Trading calculator can estimate various values (pip value, required margin, estimated profit, etc.). Of course, all figures can vary. Besides that, it is possible to calculate several trade operations simultaneously. Sound’s great, right?

Account settings:

Order settings:


Price open
Price close


symbol Leverage Contract size Volume Pip value Spread,
Spread Margin Profit


Example of calculation

For example, we have 1 : 1 000 lev. (standard.mt4).
Now let’s estimate some values (SELL 10 USD JPY)
Now let’s see what we have (open.price is 100.400, clos.price 100.250).

Here following table shows this information:
  • Evaluation price (=SELL): 100.400. This was considered during all estimations. It can be converted as well. You can check out the exchange rate.
  • Trading tool USD JPY. More detailed information about each tool in the section about Contract Specification.
  • P. (=Pip) val.: 99.50 dollar. Detailed information about calculating in the section about Trading Conditions
  • Spread: 19.90 USD.
  • Swap: can be both positive and negative. It is estimated automatically, using information from the Contract Specification. You can find detailed information in the section about Trading Conditions.
  • Margin: it is considered according to each working tool.
  • Estimated profit: 1, 542. 65 dollars.
Pay attention to these important moments:
  • If while calculations the result is less 0.01, the amount will be zero.
  • 1 p. should be considered as follows:
  • -0.0001 – for pairs, displaying 5 decimals;
    -0.01- for pairs, displaying 3 decimals

  • min. price change – for nano accs:.
  • While estimating CFD contracts, the unique measure instruments are used.
  • The calculator doesn’t take into account hedged positions while calculating margin.
  • All results are indicative. They may differ from the results displayed by other tools like M.Trader 4, M.Trader 5.


This tool estimating free profit / loss, also known as P and L, is a tool, showing revenue, costs, and other useful information during a specified time gap. It shows if the company can make more profit by, for example, reducing costs, or performing other actions. It is commonly known, that business enterprise calculate these figures according to the balance sheet, showing the changes in figures within a specified time gap. These figures are necessary to be compared among themselves.

In order to calculate needed figures, you can check the form. You should enter information, as it will be asking you, like operating costs, initial costs of goods, etc. Follow the instructions and you will get the result. Remember to cross-compare different time gaps, as it will show you better results. You can check out different options online right away and it will cost nothing to you! 

If you need detailed information, you can find it here. It is very useful for trading, as with its help it is easier to estimate the risks and to decide which step to take next. If you can realize your strong and weak positions, it is much easier to go forward with your strategies. P&L calculator will help to calculate all the necessary positions, realizing the possible profit or loss. It is easy to find such tolls online today, still if you want to succeed in trading, you’d better understand how all the processes go.


We should mention that for an experienced trader the trading process usually goes rather smooth. Still if you are a newbie, or getting to know the trading market, you should be able to know how to estimate profit and loss of your trade, as these figures can affect your account balance. The calculations are following:

 M B A L N C E = M D E P O S I T + ( U N ) R E A L I Z E D P R OF I T / L O S S


Unrealized = position is open
When the bargain is closed, P&L calculator will make the necessary calculations: either increasing the balance or reducing it. The digits might be changing, but it is OK. If you want to know profit and loss of a certain position, you should insert position size and by how many pips it has changed.
Position size X Pip movement = actual P&L
Let’s consider following figures
Acc. currency= Dollars
Position size: 100,000 units
Trade = EUR/USD at 1.09714
The next step is to calculate the margin balance, as now you have all the necessary figures. No need to make all trade estimations by yourself, as these actions will be carried out by the program. That is why it is a good thing to follow all your estimations in trading. You can easily know your margin, which is required to have the right position. Trading should be effective, and the risk management is one of the tools to increase profit and decrease loss.


When trading, be sure to use different tools, which can estimate the right figures. Choose any tools you like to use, and always combine the results between each other. One of them is FX Trader’s Calculator. It will make the necessary estimations for you while you are trading. The are many types of such tools, which you can use with no problems.

BrandName calculator:

Here you can estimate all necessary figures by using a trader’s calculator. Here are a few steps to perform to start:

  • Choose the type of the account you want to use. (* Each account can differ in personal characteristics)
  • Select an appropriate leverage. (* If you don’t want to set up this value, you can simply leave it as default)
  • Select the required currency. (* This section is important, as it effects directly your margin)
  • After the basic settings are done, move forward, selecting the options you need like:
    – required tool,
    – trade volume
  • Set up the opening and closing prices
  • In case you need extra positions, just click on the ADD button and follow the instructions.
  • The last step is to calculate the value and check out the estimated information.

Don’t be afraid to use this tool, though at first sight it seems to be a bit complicated. It’s enough to try several times and you will get used to it. The calculator is absolutely customized, as you can use only the fields you need, adding as much as you need. This atomized tool is absolutely a must for both a newbie and a professional trader, as it will help you to estimate different figures and positions within a few seconds.

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