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Swap Rates (rollover charges): Forex, Commodity & Index CFD’s

A swap rate or rollover charge is defined as the interest applied (earned/added or deducted/paid) for holding a position open overnight. Each currency has an interest rate associated. Interest earned from rollover is known as ‘positive roll’. Interest paid on rollover is known as ‘negative roll’. Yardoption constantly reviews our swap rates and those of our competitors to ensure we are best in market.

Swaps are applied to your trading account only when positions kept are kept open until the next trading day.

Swaps are applied when the rollover occurs at the end of day, which is 00:00 server time.
Some instruments may have negative swap rates on both sides, both ‘long’ and ‘short’.

Swaps are calculated and applied every trading night. To compensate for the market being closed on the weekend, swaps are charged at triple the rate on Wednesdays in forex and metals and triple the rate on Mondays in energy (oil and gas) and CFDs.

SWAP FOR ASSETS (% per day)
EUR/USD Long: -0.0038
Short: -0.0018
GBP/USD Long: -0.0042
Short: -0.0015
USD/CHF Long: -0.0028
Short: -0.0027
USD/CAD Long: -0.0032
Short: -0.0023
USD/JPY Long: -0.0009
Short: -0.0052
AUD/USD Long: -0.0006
Short: -0.0049
NZD/USD Long: -0.0008
Short: -0.0056
EUR/AUD Long: -0.0143
Short: -0.0079
EUR/CAD Long: -0.0124
Short: -0.0098
EUR/CHF Long: -0.0122
Short: -0.0101
EUR/GBP Long: -0.0108
Short: -0.0114
EUR/JPY Long: -0.0102
Short: -0.012
GBP/CHF Long: -0.0124
Short: -0.0098
GBP/JPY Long: -0.0105
Short: -0.0117
AUD/JPY Long: -0.007
Short: -0.0152
CAD/CHF Long: -0.0109
Short: -0.0114
CAD/JPY Long: -0.0089
Short: -0.0133
EUR/AUD Long: -0.0143
Short: -0.0079
CHF/JPY Long: -0.0092
Short: -0.0131
USD/DKK Long: -53.66
Short: -90.84
USD/HKD Long: -0.86
Short: -0.53
USD/MXN Long: -0.0229
Short: -0.0007
USD/NOK Long: -0.012
Short: -0.0102
USD/RUB Long: -0.036
Short: -0.1
USD/SEK Long: -0.0112
Short: -0.011
USD/SGD Long: -10.89
Short: -19.99
EUR/NOK Long: -0.0124
Short: -0.0098
EUR/SEK Long: -0.0116
Short: -0.0106
XAG/USD Long: -0.0042
Short: -0.0014
XAU/USD Long: -0.0042
Short: -0.0014

For convenience, a regularly updated swap table is published above. Swap rates are quoted in points.

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